Thanks to the riches of the Bolavean Plateau, lingering French influence, and abundant tourism, good coffee and pastries weren’t hard to find in Laos. Here’s a guide to the best coffee in Laos, from the upscale cafes of Luang Prabang and Vientiane, to the farms of the Bolavean Plateau.

Cafe de Laos

Cafe de Laos is a perfect place to caffeinate after observing Tak Bat, the Morning Alms ceremony. The lovely café is attached to The Chang Inn and offers a premium selection of Laos coffee. Brew methods available include Siphon or French press. Espresso based coffee drinks and teas are also available. If you are in need of nourishment, you won’t be disappointed with the variety of pastries, breakfast, and lunch options. Incredibly friendly service. Free Wifi.

93, Unit 03, Phonheuang Village, Luang Prabang.

Le Banneton

Coffee drinks are espresso based and above average. Calm, comfortable ambience with extraordinary croissants and pastries. The almond croissant kept me coming back. Le Banneton in Luang Prabang also offers ice cream if your are in need of a cold treat. Gourmet sandwich options. No wifi.

46 Sakkarin Road, Luang Prabang.
Rue Nokeokoumane, Vientiane.

LE TRIO Coffee

Le Trio Coffee is a roasting company and cozy café that produces top notch Laos coffee. The sophisticated cafe offers espresso based coffee drinks, homemade coffee liquor shots, and espresso corretto. Le Trio has four different blends, aiming to please a broad range of taste buds. If your inner coffee snob is need of coffee accessories you can conveniently pick up anything from Hario to Bodum. Free Wifi if you ask.

Setthathirath Road, Vientiane.

Mr. Vieng’s Coffee and Homestay

On the way to Tad Lo from Pakse lies the hidden gem that is Mr. Vieng’s Coffee and Homestay. Have a seat at a beautifully constructed wooden table while you enjoy the coffee and warm hospitality. Choose from Arabica, Robusta, or Liberica. The beans in each cup are ground to order. While you wait enjoy the complimentary peanuts and bananas. Gorgeous textiles are available for purchase. Do yourself a favor and buy a bag of peanuts for the road, you won’t regret it(especially if you are on the motorbike loop).

*Don’t miss the opportunity to try local style Laos coffee. It is traditionally prepared with a generous amount of sweetened condensed milk. The iced version offers a delicious and refreshing boost on a hot day. You can pick one up at the same street stalls where they sell sandwiches and fruit shakes on Luang Prabang’s main road (Th Sisavangvong). Enjoy!