"We travel, some of us forever,
to seek other places,
other lives, other souls."

Anäis Nin


Jillian Palucis has been booking one way tickets since 2008. In 2010, she embarked on her first solo travel adventure to South America. Jillian traveled by bus for eleven months from Buenos Aires, to Patagonia, and finally to Mexico. Upon her return she began to save money and plan her next great escape. In 2013 the time had come, and a one-way ticket to Australia was purchased. Thirteen months and a number passport stamps later, she returned home with a love of noodle soup, the Indian Himalaya, and slow travel. 


I'm Not Not Going was established to help people squash their fears(and haters) and encourage them to travel, no matter how far, how long, or how much money is at their disposal. Jillian currently resides in New York City. Most days you can find her exploring new neighborhoods and daydreaming about where she will go next. After all, the more you travel, the larger this beautiful world becomes.